Stick to the Plan and Rejoice About the Big Plus Sign

All nations are called on to praise God because His steadfast love endures forever. Those who call on Him are comforted with everlasting goodness and mercy.  Psalm 117-118 takes us from the exile in Babylon to the time Jesus walked on Earth and then takes us into Armageddon to the commencement of the millennial reign.

Let’s be honest, we all know that things are not perfect in this world today but we can rejoice and be glad because there will be a time when our Lord will come or call and it will be perfect. We will be tested but we must stand firm and be patient for this day.

Most things of this world are disposable. Think of the gadgets we buy. They are built to last just a few years and then they become obsolete. God’s Word is usable forever so focus on putting your time, effort, and confidence in God. We can trust Him now and forever because with God is peace, safety, happiness, righteousness, and victory.

In this reading, people and the church are compared to a building. The people are the stones, the leaders are the builders who rejected the cornerstone which is referring to Christ.


We can rejoice over the great salvation provided on the Cross; a big plus sign God has given for victory over both our human and spiritual enemies.

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3 Responses to Stick to the Plan and Rejoice About the Big Plus Sign

  1. Ms. Aey says:

    Im so glad to meet (through Internet) a person like you may God continue to bless you to share the word of God and all nation become a follower of Jesus Christ…

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