Pass It On

Reading in 1 Chronicles 29, David was up in age and as his reign draws to a close it is evident that his top priorities in life were God first, family second, and being king third. He gave willingly as a cheerful giver to the building of the Temple. As his son Solomon was being prepared to take over as king, David made sure all his resources of gold, silver, and bronze were put into the building of the House of God. He led the way by giving his personal treasures to this good work and drew others with him to give of their time and treasure to the magnificent temple.

The temple would be made of gold and silver; a magnificent structure but the riches of Christ exceed the brilliance of the temple. As Christians, we are told that we are the temple of God and that the Holy Spirit lives in us. We may not abound with affluence in the worldly definition but there is a way to gain spiritual riches beyond measure; giving our time, skills, and resources into the building up of new followers of Christ.

What can we give of our time, skills, and resources? I began to think and pray about this a few years ago. An idea for me came in praying about how I might contribute to God’s purposes. This blog was started because over the years, I had studied God’s Word but struggled at taking in and keeping its concepts so that I could begin to apply them in my life. Over the years, I’ve worked at coming up with a personal Bible study system that puts an emphasis on documentation of insights as one reads God’s Word. This system is a tool in application of God’s Word and I hope to pass this on to others. It is kind of a Spiritual road map that hopefully will be used by others to make their journey more interesting, effective, and efficient.

This day with God, consider your place in the ongoing history of the people of God. Thank Him for helping you make a significant contribution to His purposes.


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4 Responses to Pass It On

  1. evanlaar1922 says:

    great reading how your walk with God looks like!

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