Conditions for Success

David speaks to the leaders of Israel in 1 Chronicles 28 explaining that he wanted very much to build a house as a place of rest for the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord (v. 2). Even though he was denied this ambition, his response was to accept the purpose God had given him as an individual; to prepare so that his family would be king over Israel forever.

David teaches us that there are conditions for success. We should Follow the commands of the Lord, begin each day with prayer, and plan for success with the help of God’s resources. The most important part of our day is the time we spend with God who has all the resources we need.

Resources were provided for David’s son Solomon to build the Temple and resources are given to us to build up our temple. For we are the temple of God and the Spirit lives in each of us. This plan was laid before the world began by God and is not an invention of man. Christ is the true temple, the church is the gospel-temple, and heaven is the everlasting temple; all are framed according to the divine counsels.

English: Solomon and the Plan for the Temple, ...

English: Solomon and the Plan for the Temple, as in 1 Kings 6, illustration from a Bible card published by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reflecting on today’s passage, it is noted that in building the Temple, the plan is given first. Then David explains to Solomon to do the work with strength and courage. He says God will be faithful to provide the funds and the support needed to finish the work. In building our life, the same strategy can be followed. Listen to God for the plan first. Then do our work with strength and courage with confidence that God will be faithful to provide the funds and support needed. 

This day with God will be amazing because with each passing day, we can learn new lessons from history and from those with experience that will help us live more abundantly than the day before. Today will be another day we can pray and our prayer time is a rewarding time that we don’t want to miss as we talk to God, listen to Him, and praise Him for the plans He has for our life.

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3 Responses to Conditions for Success

  1. This is a great post to start the day, Mark.. David’s advice to Solomon is as important today as it was then. One could say David has been there and done that.

    Thanks so much for sharing God blesses.


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