Listen for Instructions

I really enjoy growing in the Lord with you and sharing videos that hopefully bless and uplift. In my previous post “Seek God with all Your Heart and Mind from 1 Chronicles 15:1 -16:6”, I wrote about David seeing the need for the Arc of God being nearby. Even today, we may not feel God is near but we can depend on God’s mercy through the sacrifice of the Redeemer and He is present at all times to assist in everything we do if we listen for instructions.

There are many distractions we face in this world so it’s important to slow down and spend time with God so we go in the right direction. We can do this if we focus on discerning His will. I’d like to share a video to encourage going to God before doing His Will. Just click this link or the video below: Stop the World – Matthew West. God Bless! 🙂

I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. – John 17:4

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6 Responses to Listen for Instructions

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    An important lesson. Thanks Mark!


  2. Great reminder and great video/song, Mark!


  3. My Tropical Home says:

    A timely reminder, thanks for this.


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