Prayer and Praise

We can spend time with God at all times of the day. As explained in James 5:13-20, during troubled times, there is the need for prayer and during happy times there is a cause for praise (v. 13). The condition for answered prayers is faith. Like an antenna to our soul, faith energizes, inspires, and transmits God’s power which lightens our load. We are able to lean on God as we talk to Him about what’s on our heart and He removes all obstacles in our way.

The book of James is a good instruction manual on how we can apply our faith in all that we do. Think about common task that might seem boring but could be approached with more enthusiasm if there was an attitude of praise or worship. Task like washing the dishes or other household chores, exercising, and doing yard work can be done while in silent prayer or thoughts of praise to God.

This day will be amazing because we can spend time with God at all times of the day; praising and praying. Our greatest power is prayer because we are speaking to the ONE who already has the answers.

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7 Responses to Prayer and Praise

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  3. I find that listening to praise music makes household chores easier because my focus is on God. Peace, Linda


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  5. “Prayer and Praise | This Day With God” was indeed
    a very wonderful post, . Continue writing and I’m going to keep on following! Many thanks -Mallory


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