Humbly Living for His Purpose

For any plan or purpose God has for you, attach the qualification of His will. We can grow our roots of faith by reading the Bible, going to church, reading or listening to others about faith, and putting what is learned to good use. Believe there is always something to look forward to because God’s plan or purpose for your life will keep you going. Obstacles can be overcome by going to God in prayer and allowing enthusiasm to increase, frustration to be reduce, and cooperation to improve.

As found in James 4:13 – 5:6, God’s will should qualify any plans made in this short life since working for prosperity or enjoyment is short-lived though God is permanent. James addresses those who make their own plans to be wealthy as though they will live forever on earth (v. 13-16). Instead we should invest in the things which will count for eternity. Instead of spending time accumulating things that will rust and decay, we should focus more on things that will last for eternity.

I heard a story of a man named Jack Eckerd, founder of Eckerd Drugstore chain who traveled with Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship ministry. Chuck Colson had gone to prison for the Watergate scandal but in his weakness and brokenness had formed this ministry. During Jack Eckerd’s work with this ministry, he became a Christian.

After accepting Christ, he walked into one of his stores one day and noticed all the pornographic magazines displayed in his stores. He made a decision to take them out of his stores. His advisors told him he would lose money but he demanded these magazines be taken off the selves. Because of his decision, floods of people started coming to his stores. On top of that, other retail outlets used his decision as a model. Because one man gave his heart to Christ, 11,000 retail outlets removed these magazines from their stores.

This Day with God will be amazing because He gives insight into how to play a part in a preferred future and gives plans to make a difference in this world.

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5 Responses to Humbly Living for His Purpose

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  2. Great encouragement mark it’s what I need to hear remember me when you pray.



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