Zechariah 5-8 Questions for Reflection

So far in my study of the book of Zechariah, I’ve read about how Zechariah is arousing the Jews to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem. Because of Jesus, we know today that we are the Temple of God. His Spirit lives in us. Since we are the Temple of God, I believe we can get some good ideas from Zechariah in how to maintain and rebuild the temple throughout life. Like the focus of anyone as they build a project, to build a successful life requires focus. Our focus should be on God because He teaches in various ways through life circumstances, through other people, and in the Bible. The lessons can be internalized for effective living.

Learning, preparing for a career and success are important but most important is God’s Love which is activated by depending on Him. Jesus is God’s love in action that saves souls now and promises big plans for the future. Like the plans to building a house, the Bible is God’s plan for our life and priorities are the foundation. Our number one priority is to build upon a solid faith in Jesus Christ. We then can condition our heart by remembering the lessons, applying them in life, and sharing these lasting treasures with others.

What is needed more in the world today is the courage to stand up, admit mistakes, and do what’s right. Then to set out in a new direction being guided by God’s will and gaining confidence along the way by receiving the power of the Holy Spirit to keep going. That’s why a daily study of God’s Word is so important. We are given a guide to live by and help us make the needed adjustments as we build and maintain our temple.

My attention will now lead into the study of Zechariah 5-8. The questions below will be used to focus on each passage. Feel free to respond with a short note or a comment about any of these questions. Also, I welcome any other thoughts or ideas, favorite inspirational videos, photos, or favorite Bible verses. Just add them to the comments or to a facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God.

Zechariah 5-6
Passage Lookup
What aspect of God’s character is seen in the sixth vision? What does the seventh vision reveal about evil and God’s control over it? How do you intend to diligently obey the voice of the Lord today?

Zechariah 7
Passage Lookup
What are the outward signs that are to characterize true goodness? What will be the contribution or service in your life? What is the relationship between prayer and duty in your life?

Zechariah 8
Passage Lookup
How has God been firm yet tender with you? To what extent does verse 23 describe your influence? Ask yourself, am I limiting God’s power in my life by trying to hide a weakness? What do I need to be honest about in order to help others?

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes
Family Times

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2 Responses to Zechariah 5-8 Questions for Reflection

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  2. dieta says:

    John will be a prophet. His call to the people to repent will be detailed in 3:1-20. Here the angel describes his ministry as preparing a remnant for God: Many of the people of Israel will he bring back to the Lord. In other words, he will turn Israel to the Lord their God. The expression “to turn” has Old Testament roots (Deut 30:2; Hos 3:5; 7:10). John will redirect those who respond to his message toward a walk with God. In fact, he will be like Elijah in his ministry (1 Kings 17–18; Mal 4:5; Sirach 48:10). In speaking of turning the hearts of parents to their children, Luke is indicating that reconciliation with God will produce reconciliation elsewhere. When God touches a life, relationships with others on this earth are also touched. So John will make ready a people prepared for the Lord. This language recalls Isaiah 43:7 and 2 Samuel 7:24. This will be a nation of people God has called to himself, a faithful remnant sharing in the realization of God’s promise because they have turned to him.


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