The First Step

English: The Second Jewish Temple. Model in th...

English: The Second Jewish Temple. Model in the Israel Museum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To get work done, the first step is to set priorities. Haggai 1 has a good lesson on priorities. To set up the historical context, the nation of Israel had been in exile in Babylon and the people began to return to their homeland in 538 B. C. to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. Their work was slowed up by opposition and had actually stopped for 15 years.

The prophet named Haggai is sent by God to stir up the people to finish the Temple. They had neglected this top priority using the excuse that they didn’t have time because they needed to get their own house in order. Haggai delivers a message to them about how they focused too much on their own houses instead of God’s house. He highlighted that the main priority should be the building of the Lord’s house and then all other aspects of life would fall into place.

Those who work on the condition of their heart will have God there to help. Small things become big things when our thoughts are about giving glory to God. Like the plans to building a house, the Bible is God’s plan for our life and priorities are the foundation so build upon a solid faith in Jesus Christ. Condition the heart by remembering the lessons, applying them in life, and sharing these lasting treasures with others.

This day with God will be amazing because there are things I can learn from history that will help in making decisions. The problems I go through in life are not stop signs; they are guidelines and it is during tough times that He provides sure signs of a brighter future. Today, I’m praying for that first step; asking God to help me have the right priorities and showing me what areas of my life I need to trust in Him more.

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2 Responses to The First Step

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    Great lesson! Thanks for posting this Mark. Reading this has been a priority in my day.


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