Haggai 1–2 Questions for Reflection

For a time now, I’ve been sharing some thoughts as I studied the Psalms. The journey now takes me into the book of Haggai to study about a prophet sent by God to stir up the people and finish the Temple. Come along with me or check back daily to read some of my reflections on this reading. I think you’ll find some good lessons that we can all apply in life.

A daily devotional time pushes us to focus on God. The questions below are to be used to provide fuel for my thoughts as I study each passage. Feel free to respond with a short note or a comment about any of these questions. Also, I welcome any other thoughts or ideas, favorite inspirational videos, photos, or favorite Bible verses. Just add them to the comments.

Haggai 1
Passage Lookup
What is the historical context of Haggai’s message? What excuses do the people offer on not rebuilding the Lord’s house? To what extent are you busy on your career, home, vacation, or other leisure activities rather than doing God’s work?

Haggai 2:1-9
Passage Lookup
How do you feel when you have to live up to certain expectations? How can we take courage?

Haggai 2:10-23
Passage Lookup
What are the channels for decision-making? What is the relationship between obedience and prosperity? What has God already told me in his Word that I haven’t started doing yet?
Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes
Family Times

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