Play Your Part with Enthusiasm

The reading today is Psalm 98 and it is a psalm of praise for the anticipation of the coming Lord. All of creation is invited to join the festivities; the people of the world, the sea, the rivers, and mountains. We know today that Jesus came the first time as the redeemer of world from sins. The second coming begins His glorious reign.

Today’s reading has made me think of times when my child attended Vacation Bible School. The children studied, prayed, learned, and grew together. Then they got together at the end of the week to sing and praise God. The children participated and parents had a chance to watch, clap, and enjoy. That’s what God is doing each day. He’s there to encourage; saying good job and He’s clapping for you. We all have a role to play in this world and we can be thankful for the role God wants us to play.

This Day with God, I’m remembering that He is sovereign, majestic, and all-powerful. Nothing is too difficult for Him; He is bigger than any problem I could bring to Him. I’m enthusiastic about today; ready to play my role and happy God is there clapping and encouraging me along the way.

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