Questions for Reflection – Nehemiah 10-13

The wall around Jerusalem was completed. Nehemiah had led a successful project but he was humble enough to understand that knowing the way of God and going His way was even more important. Going to God builds momentum for each day so we are in a position to run the day and not let the day run us. Putting things into order will allow small things to lead to big things and doors will be opened.

Can you imagine if we could keep our focus so that every physical and mental resource is centered on God? Imagine the power to solve problems; to follow through with intelligent planning and excellent execution of these plans. As I continue into Nehemiah, will the people continue to focus on God? I’m looking forward to finding out. Come along with me or read up on my thoughts over the next few weeks as I set out to study using the reading plan below.

Nehemiah 10
Passage Lookup
What determines your behavior toward God? toward your fellow man? How does the situation of 9:36-37 affect the Israelites’ oath concerning the practice of first-fruits and tithing?

Nehemiah 11
Passage Lookup
What plan is adopted to populate the city of Jerusalem? What is its condition? Do the Israelites regard it as a desirable place to live?

Nehemiah 12
Passage Lookup
What emotion characterizes the dedication of Jerusalem’s wall? How is this feeling accounted for (see verse 43)? What follows the procession of thanksgiving? How do you demonstrate your regard for those who minister to you?

Nehemiah 13:1-14
Passage Lookup
What does Nehemiah find when he returns? What violation of God’s house does Eliashib (3:1) allow (see 2:19; chapt. 4; 6:17-19)? What further neglect has come upon the house of God? How? What precautions does Nehemiah take against future neglect?

Nehemiah 13:15-31
Passage Lookup
What laws of God does Nehemiah find the people violating? To what extent do you risk your reputation to see that God is glorified? Summarize what Nehemiah has accomplished. In what areas of life?

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes

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4 Responses to Questions for Reflection – Nehemiah 10-13

  1. I’ve been taking time out to reflect, if i’m working or is the lord working through me, enjoying the lord’s presence & loving nature is second to none. So working for him comes from knowing the him and doing things his way as you said. I pray that this passion to be still before the lord remain my first priority so I can serve out of abundance of his grace, thanks Mark.


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