Faith Gives Courage to Face Fear

There were some who opposed the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem as recorded in Nehemiah 4. When the project produced results, the opposition became angry and wanted to end the work; even setting their sights on violence to stop progress.

It takes courage to stand up against enemies and continue the work; not being intimidated but turning to God who is far greater than our enemies. Our God who is great and awesome can frustrate the plots of our enemies. He can give us a plan that helps carry out and finish the good work He has for us.

Nehemiah demonstrates courage and many characters throughout the Bible show this virtue. Live like Daniel and face fear. When fear is faced, there is courage like Moses demonstrated. To get courage, use David as your inspiration and when as much courage as Jesus demonstrated is gained, there is no fear!

I’d like to share another video with you today to uplift and pass on this virtue we call courage. I hope you enjoy this video: Voice of Truth – Casting Crowns. God Bless 🙂

This Day with God will be amazing as we listen to the voice of Truth.

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