Questions for Reflection – Nehemiah 4-6

For the last few weeks I’ve studied and written about Nehemiah who returned
to Jerusalem from exile to rally the people in rebuilding the city walls. He prayed for a plan of action as he prepares for the challenge. There’s a good lesson to be learned from Nehemiah in that going to the ONE who created it all is a smart move when we want to change intangible aspirations into real plans of action.

Once Nehemiah had prayed and planed with God, the work was started. I noticed how each used their God given strengths to make sure success was assured. Each person with their various skills complemented each other so that a great purpose could be achieved.

For the next few weeks, the journey will take me into Nehemiah 4-6 as I use the reading plan below.

Nehemiah 4
Passage Lookup
Which situation receives Nehemiah’s first attention? On whom does Nehemiah focus the people’s attention?

Nehemiah 5
Passage Lookup
What triggers the outcry of the people? Who is the object of this disturbance? What kind of governor is Nehemiah? What will be the character or qualities of my life?

Nehemiah 6
Passage Lookup
What human emotions does the enemy play on? How do the enemies react to word that the Jerusalem wall is finished? Why? How does Nehemiah discern the intentions of the enemy?


In any great purpose, there will be opponents to progress and we are sure to run into a few road blocks along the way. That’s when we have to believe that God is far greater than our enemies and He will give us courage to stand up and continue the work.

Come along with me or check up on my posts over the next couple of weeks as I write about my travels through Nehemiah 4-6. I’m praying for lessons that can be learned and applied in life. The lessons of how Nehemiah rebuilt the city walls are helpful in this project of blogging about my journey through the Bible. I’m praying that it will bring about positive change in my life and hopefully in the lives of you my readers. Thanks for following.

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978

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