Rally Toward Great Works

English: Building the Wall of Jerusalem; as in...

Building the Wall of Jerusalem; as in Nehemiah; illustration from Sunrays quarterly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem from exile to rally the people and rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem even against great hostility. Like in the example given in Nehemiah 1, we need to rally the building of the divine kingdom of God who maintains His covenant and love with those who love Him and obey His commands.

Prayer needs to precede any great mission and that’s exactly how Nehemiah begins this great work as he prays for success in obtaining favor with the Persian king. The lesson in this passage for me is to stop thinking my way but to think God’s way.

We can’t carry the load but God can. Our mission is to rally God’s people so the load is made light because of Jesus. Help others truly experience a deeper relationship with God through prayer. This day will be amazing because when we trust our concerns with God, our minds are set free. We then demonstrate composure and before we know it, difficulties vanish.

Today, I’m thankful for God’s gift in His Son Jesus; for the good thoughts and ideas presented to us that will rally us toward His great works.

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3 Responses to Rally Toward Great Works

  1. Mark,
    I like the importance of prayer that you mentioned in this post. I am have really been thinking a lot about how to utilize the power of prayer more with the leadership of the congregation. I am hoping to find a variety of ways to help train up leaders in a more sustained utilization of prayer.


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