Questions for Reflection – Nehemiah 1-3

Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem

Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve completed the book of Ezra and at this link is an index of the studies published so far. Along the journey, it was noticed how Ezra encourages the returned-exiles in the building of the temple. He teaches them how they are to worship God and follow His law in restoring Jerusalem. Small things become big things when we plan and move forward with God together. An amazing day starts with God, moves into working with God, and ends with a celebration of thankfulness to God. Let us encourage each other in Christ by creating a picture of endless possibilities. Let us pray and build confidence that all obstacles will be removed. Together, we will accomplish more than we could’ve ever dreamed.

Like during the time of Ezra, we face obstacles and we have to make adjustments in our plans. Being tough on ourselves and being led to the cross creates a better life. The Spirit gives the power to change by putting first things first and inspires the discipline to carry it out. Courage is needed to face the truth or say no to what is wrong and yes to what is right. It’s courageous to lead toward needed changes and to answer God’s call for doing what’s right.

For the next few weeks, the journey takes me into Nehemiah. There is a reading plan below. On the first day of each block of reading, the passage will be read using the question(s) to help in study and thought. Inspirational illustrations, sermon points, and pictures will be sought; anything that helps apply the passage to daily life at home or work. Quotes that inspire action or videos will also be searched. I will pray for my day ahead; for my family, church, community, and place of work. I will ask God for a plan of action after reading and studying each day’s reading.

On day two of each block of reading, the passage from the day before will be read again and checked by studying the heart. Thoughts, ideas, remarks, praises, or lessons learned that may help apply each passage will be sought after. Some thought will be put into what to pray for that day. It might be for what plan of action to take or to write a single thought that crystallizes the passage.

Nehemiah 1
Passage Lookup

With whom does God maintain his covenant and love? To what extent do you claim God’s promises when you pray for other Christians? What does Nehemiah pray specifically for himself?

Nehemiah 2
Passage Lookup

What do you pray when a decision must be made quickly? What is the first step of Nehemiah’s reconstruction project? Who is the author of the master plan (Read verse 12)? What is your heart to do for your people? For your city? For your neighborhood? For your place of work? For your campus? Why?

Nehemiah 3
Passage Lookup

Who begins the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls? To what extent are you willing to get involved in the work of the Lord? What contributes to the early success of the project?


I’ve learned that spiritual growth is a daily process that requires continuous effort. Each day with God has fresh insight into how to play a part in His overall plan. He’s alive to help us now and into the future. Christ the difference maker assures that every struggle faced can be overcome.

Thanks for keeping me accountable to sharing my journey. Check up on my posts over the next week as I share some thoughts about each passage. My prayer is that some of the thoughts or ideas that come from the study and reflection can be applied to your own life.

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978

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6 Responses to Questions for Reflection – Nehemiah 1-3

  1. Noel Williams (prhayz) says:

    You are doing an excellent job Mark. I pray God will continue to bless and inspire you as you continue your journey.


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