Courage to Change

Not only do we need inspiration to change as I wrote about in the previous post but we also need to have the courage to change. Reading in Ezra 10, the Israelites were getting stuck in the same old rut. Someone had to make a stand so Ezra prays and leads the way. People like Ezra are needed today to stand up to wrongs of society and start in a new direction.

It all starts with prayer. Corruption is easily brought in but hard to purge out. The example of Ezra’s courage is needed. Here’s a video that I hope inspires the type of courage Ezra displayed Courageous – Casting Crowns.

Courage is needed to face the truth or say no to what is wrong and yes to what is right. It’s courageous to invest in the lives of others and have the guts to lead a culture out of the ruts. This day with God, let us ask Him for the courage needed to go out and get busy. Amazing things happen when we have leaders that accept God’s call for doing what’s right and make the needed changes.

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