Inspiration for Change

As stated in Ezra 9, a report was brought to Ezra of the people being unfaithful because of associations with those who worshiped idols instead of the one true God. Even the leaders were guilty; lacking the discipline and setting a poor example for their society.

It’s not that much different today. We have our own idols in our society that pollute our culture. One example is how materialism is worshiped rather than the spiritual treasures found in Christ. What we need is more focus on what this video highlights: Lead Me to the Cross – Hillsong.

Being tough on ourselves and being led to the cross creates a better life. The Spirit gives the power to change by putting first things first and inspires the discipline to carry it out.

What will be the character or qualities of my life? I pray how God might lead me to the spiritual treasures found in His word; putting His will first in my life – my marriage, family, and career.

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5 Responses to Inspiration for Change

  1. pjgracecommunity says:

    Strait to the heart, thanks mark.


  2. Mark Shields says:

    Let the worship of God be a part of our every day. God Bless 🙂


  3. janiese says:

    Mark this song is my prayer. Every day I need God more. Thank you for sharing this post.


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