Questions for Reflection – Ezra 4-6

English: Sunrise.

English: Sunrise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first activity of the Israelites after returning from exile was to build the altar of God. We can learn from their example of putting God first. Small things become big things when we go to God and plan to move forward together. An amazing day starts with God, moves into working with God, and ends with a celebration of thankfulness to God. That’s the reason for the reading plan below.

Ezra 4
Passage Lookup

When the enemies of Judah and Benjamin heard about the rebuilding of the temple, they asked if they could help. Are the Israelites willing to cooperate with the adversaries in fulfilling a command from God? How do the adversaries respond to Israel’s refusal to cooperate? What is the “crowning blow” which frustrates the rebuilding of the city?

Ezra 5
Passage Lookup

How long has the building of the temple been stopped (Darius’ reign begins in 521 B.C.)? To what extent are you willing to invest your time and energies to help Christian friends keep the will of God foremost in their undertakings? To what extent do you rely on God’s timing to fulfill commands he has given?How

Ezra 6
Passage Lookup

What does King Darius add to the Cyrus decree that validates the Israelites and their work on the temple of God? What follows the completion of the house of God? What is the source of the Israelites’ joy? To what extent are you joyful? Why? What is its source?


Things are not easy but God can help us overcome difficulties and the lessons given in His Word along with prayer, and following His will provide the road map for our journey.  Encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ because together confidence is increased for every obstacle to be overcome.

Come along with me or check up on my posts next week as I write about my travels through the book of Ezra. I’m praying for understanding as I read and reflect on each block of reading above and share ideas on how we can integrate our faith with our lifestyle. To help us learn how to do the right thing by staying in the light and understanding that God is present in His Word nourishing our thoughts so they grow into food for our souls.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Your friend in Christ,


Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
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  1. pjgracecommunity says:

    God bless for the encouragement mark.


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