The Desire to Fulfill the Mission – Matthew 26:57-75

The scribes and elders were called to session as explained in Matthew 26:57-75 eager to find false evidence against Jesus so they could put him to death. There were two witnesses that said Jesus had made the statement that he could destroy the temple of God and rebuild it three days. The witnesses didn’t understand what Jesus had meant when He made this statement because in looking at John 2:19-22, what Jesus was referring to was His death and resurrection. The high priest was looking for anything that might deliver a death sentence to Jesus so the charge of blasphemy was handed down.

Earlier in this chapter, Peter said he would die rather than deny Jesus but the actual events reveal something different. Peter followed Jesus from a distance and when asked if he knew Jesus said he didn’t.  Afterwards,  he wept bitterly for denying Him.

What we say and what we do sometimes do not match up because we lack the courage to follow through. Let us distrust our own hearts and rely totally on the Lord. There will be times that we need the favor of God along with a sense of responsibility to fight off our mistakes of the past and our desires for the future.

This day with God, my thoughts are on the desire that Jesus showed in fulfilling His mission. I’m thinking and praying for help in certain areas of my life where I need to take in more of Jesus and empty out my own desires; for the Spirit’s power to empty thoughts about what I want rather than what God wants.

Like Peter, we just can’t do it all on our own. We need to lighten the load by taking in more of Jesus and emptying out our own desires. Then we will gain the energy needed to be all God wants us to be. Here’s a video to inspire your day with this thought in mind: Empty Me – Jeremy Camp.


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5 Responses to The Desire to Fulfill the Mission – Matthew 26:57-75

  1. I always enjoy the sincerity in your post
    as much as the truth you you share .


  2. Great message – great song to go along with the message!


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