Fulfilling God’s Purpose – Matthew 26:47-56

As pastor Steve said in a message once about the movie “The Passion of The Christ”, Jesus had a mission and was fully engaged in that mission. We too have a mission and that is to help others know about Christ. For inspirational sermons at any time, visit at this link

To continue the journey and learn more about Christ in order to share with others, let us now take a look at Matthew 26:47-56. A large crowd armed with swords and clubs sent from the chief priests and the elders of the people arrived with Judas while Jesus was talking to the disciples at Gethsemane. This was their opportunity to arrest Jesus because they were away from any crowds that might riot against them. Jesus submits to the arrest because the time had come to bring about God’s purpose; fulfilling the Scriptures.

We can fulfill His purpose in whatever we do by following God’s call in our careers by integrating faith with the whole of life. Christianity can be dynamic in shaping history and changing our culture because the teachings of Christ can be applied in the areas of business, law, science, politics, education, engineering, the media, and in other disciplines. The purpose for “This Day with God” devotional is to point out these principles of God which Christ taught so we can experience the most excellent way.

Pray for fulfilling God’s purpose. Receive inspiration from Jesus who gave His all with singleness of purpose to fulfill the mission God gave Him. Today that light of glory shines like a lighthouse to lead people safely home.

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