The sermon message last weekend at my place of worship was titled “Incomparable Cross”. Here is the Podcast: Link. Some points in the message were that like a rock, God is our foundation and fortress. Our faith in Him is foundational and as Christ followers, what we believe is absolute and last forever. The foundation depends on a promise which was fulfilled when Christ paid the price for our sins on the cross. The poem below is inspired by what Christ has done for us.

History, Eternity
Confessing, Accepting, Walking
Because of Him we feel so save
Our Faith
A Wish
Secured, Anchored
Aspiring, Listening, Waiting
His great promise helps us to cope
Our Hope

Patient, Kind
Trusting, Persisting, Unifying
This standard was set from above
Our Love
Step Ahead
Young, Old      
Believing, Hoping, Loving
He’s our bridge to eternity
Our Victory

Christ is our bridge to help us cross over; providing a path to follow right now and take us home to victory.

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