Celebrate with God – Ezekiel 46

Pause each day to celebrate with God the free gift He has given. Use each victory celebration as a stepping stone to even greater joy. In verses 1-10 of Ezekiel 46, there is certain orderliness required before worship. God wants us to be ready and like an athlete that warms up before a game, a musician that gets ready for a concert, or an actor practicing their lines, God wants us to be ready for worship.

There is a certain order before receiving rewards. A person has to see, believe, and then achieve. We vividly imagine what a life is like with God forever, ardently desire that life, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically worship … so it will inevitably come to pass.

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. According to Tony Evans, when we follow the plan God has for us, our life is full of purpose and on target. An entire psalm has been dedicated to profiling just how amazing it can be in Psalm 128. Robert H. Schuller said once, “God has prepared for us a bright future because our reward is with Christ.

The ordinances of worship are described in this passage today. We have many duties that God wants from us yet many things He leaves to our choice. One choice to never neglect is our daily time of worship. This day with God, make it a part of your prayer to be organized by making a mental list of who to pray for. As prayers are answered in the days ahead, thank God and make a note to share with others.

Here’s a video to inspire as you celebrate with God: Shout To The Lord – Hillsong.

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1 Response to Celebrate with God – Ezekiel 46

  1. evanlaar1922 says:

    Am a allowed to say that I was a bit disappointed with this today? I will see how I feel after seven days 🙂


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