Ezekiel 32

Billy Graham once said, “God’s angels often protect his servants from potential enemies”. In Ezekiel 32, the images used to describe Pharaoh king of Egypt are intimidating descriptions like a lion or monster. Yet when God goes against his kingdom of Egypt, it didn’t stand a chance. The most powerful are weak and helpless when they go against God.


Click on the piano piece above or this link: In The Garden: Norm Hastings, Piano. While listening, reflect on today’s reading. What lesson is God teaching? Think about what you may pray for today. Is there a plan of action God is giving you today?

The passage today has taught me that we should make sure we are on God’s side. Victories come when we play our part and God does His part. God will not let us down if we work together and live by His clear principles which are essentials for life. Today, I’m praying to use some good common sense, good judgment, and just simply playing my little part in God’s overall plan.

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