Ezekiel 5

Passage Lookup

God favored Jerusalem but the people didn’t pay attention to Him or follow His principles. Instead, they followed idols, superstitions, and evil. Because of this, Ezekiel warned that God would take vengeance with multitudes perishing by famine and pestilence; others slain by the sword. Jerusalem would be destroyed by the Chaldeans and those still alive would scatter to other countries.

The lesson learned in this passage is that we should look through the prism of God’s principles. This point was also brought out in a sermon once at my church when my Pastor said we should observe people living by God’s principles and find ways to share lessons learned; coming up with ideas that can help everyone live better lives. For other points made within sermons, be sure to click this link: Sermon Podcast.

This day with God, my thoughts are about the importance of putting our attention on Him and accepting the teachings of our Redeemer in all things. Jesus is at the center of everything in the Bible and is in the business of forgiving sin, removing guilt, and changing people from the inside out. By focusing our attention on the anchor of our faith, our attitudes and actions change; developing unconscious yet consistent patterns that daily express our character.

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