Matthew 18:1-14

Passage Lookup

Group of five happy children jumping outdoors.

In this passage, verses 10-14 are about finding those that have strayed from the path and this reflects the other side of verses 5-9 which is about leading others down the right path. The lesson for me is to daily learn and apply what Christ teaches. Like a child with enthusiasm that glows, radiates, and permeates; I should live each day in the same way in order to capture the interest of those that hear what I say, read what I write, or see what I do.

List any videos you are reminded of as you read this passage. Here is a link to one for this reading: The Motions by Matthew West. My hope is that it inspires you as you spend this day with God. We shouldn’t go through life just going through the motions but have a passion for what we do; continuing to learn, being humble, being open, and showing others the path God has laid out for us.

Today, I’m praying that I daily study and examine where my heart is so I can humbly understand and accept the lessons God teaches. I’m praying that God’s lessons found in the Bible, at church, and through experiences of life are enthusiastically applied in homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods; spreading throughout the world. I’m asking that you make it a part of your prayer today also.

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