Matthew 17:14-27

Passage Lookup

As we go further into Matthew 17, Jesus teaches how important words can be. He is irritated with the disciples for their lack of faith and tries to set them straight with stern words that get their attention; so much so that they consult with Jesus privately.
He encourages them to understand the power they have. Later in this reading, Jesus is concerned about using words that might be considered offensive to the tax collector when asked to pay a tax.

Today, I’m thinking about how important it is to choose the right words in my relationships at work and at home; knowing how to use tact rather than give offense. Words are used to give direction or teach. Using the correct words at the right time is a mental virtue which stimulates growth and engenders maximized potential. My pastor Steve Ramsdell once said in a sermon that words are so important because they direct your life. Even a small child can direct a powerful horse with the small bit in his mouth.

Today, I will give some thought into ways I can apply this lesson that Jesus teaches. I’m asking in prayer for understanding and the ability to apply this virtue in my daily life.

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