Questions for Matthew 17-18

Questions for Reflection:

Matthew 17:1-13
Passage Lookup

What is the same or what is different about this event and the event in Exodus 34:29-35? What do you think is the primary purpose of the visit?

Matthew 17:14-27
Passage Lookup

As you read, pay close attention to Jesus’ words when he talks to the disciples who were powerless to help the man’s son. Were they stern words or words carefully crafted to not bring offense? Then focus on the words used by Jesus when they had to pay the tax? Were the words defiant or more conciliatory?

Matthew 18:1-14
Passage Lookup

How do verses 10-14 reflect the other side of verses 5-9? How can you show Jesus’ concern for a straying member of the kingdom?

Matthew 18:15-35
Passage Lookup

What should be your efforts in solving interpersonal problems? Why is forgiveness so important to the Christian community? What are the consequences of failing to forgive our brothers or sisters? Why?

This Day with God will be amazing! Share with us those amazing moments of your past or present by responding with a short note or a comment about any of these questions. Also, share with us any favorite inspirational videos, photos, sermon thoughts, or favorite Bible verses.

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7 Responses to Questions for Matthew 17-18

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  4. Mark Shields says:

    In the sermon this past week, the message was about Isaiah who looked up and saw God, he looked in and thought about his own limits, and looked out to see a need he could meet in the world so he ask God who has no limits to send him to meet this need.


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