Matthew 16:13-28

Passage Lookup

Peter understood who Jesus is but there was a misunderstanding as to the true reward which is not of this world but everlasting happiness in heaven. All worldly things put together are of little value compared to a life with God. There is much to be lost in this world as we go through life like losing loved ones, losing friends, or jobs but once a soul has been given the key to the kingdom of heaven in Christ, they finally make it home where all that was lost is found plus even more. There is video that reminds us what we have to look forward to: Finally Made it Home by MercyMe.

All the riches in the world do not compare to the riches gained when saved by the King of kings! Knowing God gives direction and peace with a reward beyond the wildest of dreams. Today, as we say our prayers, let us learn to value our souls above anything else and to see Christ as the Savior of them.

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