Jeremiah 50

Passage Lookup – Read or Listen

What is eventually in store for Babylon? How will God continue to assert his supremacy over other gods?

Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept

God speaks this prophecy through Jeremiah. He will begin to execute His judgment against Babylon through His people who will return to Him and unify with an everlasting covenant. God continues to assert His supremacy over other gods through people. It is the Lord that binds us; He cares about us and would like to use our talents
for His team.

God is supreme over other Gods because He loves you and sent His Son to die for you. Here is a video I’m reminded of as I read this passage: How Great Is Our God – Chris  Tomlin.

Pray for understanding of your talents. What is it about you that God is currently using or can use for His great purposes? How can you dutifully serve on His team and find satisfaction for your soul. You are an important member of His team.

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