Jeremiah 49

Passage Lookup – Read or Listen

What countries and tribes are judged in this chapter? How is God’s judgment personified? How certain is it? To what extent can your nation be described as at ease, that dwells securely? What is the pride of your heart?

Abraham Lincoln - head & shoulders portrait

Someone ask Abe Lincoln one time if he thought God was on his side. Lincoln thoughtfully said, “I am not so concerned about God being on our side but rather that we are on God’s side for God is always right.” In this reading are the prophecies of Ammon, Damascus, Kedar, Hazor, and Elam. These were mighty countries or tribes at one time but they were not right with the Almighty. Some forget that God is all powerful and our true safety and happiness is obtained when the inner battles of the soul are won.

Hope gives optimism to overcome despair, faith brings courage in a time of doubt, and love subdues hate to conquer the enemy of our souls. List any videos you are reminded of as you read this passage. Here is a link to one for this reading: We All Bow Down – Lenny LeBlanc. My hope is that it inspires you as you spend this day with God.

Pray today for those inner battles and ask God to help focus more on the happiness found in daily walking by faith. The world might be broken but it can be fixed when hearts are surrendered to Jesus. Be thankful for the fulfilled promise in Christ who has subdued the enemies of our souls.


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