Jeremiah 26-28

Jeremiah 26

The last few weeks, I traveled through Matthew 1 -7 and studied the teachings of Jesus. When building a house, the foundation is very important and takes time, so too is building a life of faith which is developed on the underpinning of God’s principles. Christ came to teach so we can understand and believe; giving instruction on what to do in regards to our relationship with God and each other.

I’ve now started my journey through Jeremiah 26-52. Below are some  links to other Christian Websites that are used as resources in my travel.

First United Methodist WacoPodcast

BibleStudy Space Top 100

Below are blocks of planned readings that have been studied this week:


What is Jeremiah commissioned to say now (see 7:1-15)? How do the priests, cultic prophets and people react to Jeremiah’s speech?

In this passage, Jeremiah stands up and challenges people by giving a speech on the moral problems of their society. There are times we may have to stand up and do what’s right. I’m thankful for this lesson on courage that Jeremiah gives in this passage. After this reading, I prayed for courage in all I do and that God is always there by my side.

As I read this passage, here is a link to a video He Is – Mark Schultz that  inspired me as I spent this day with God. List any videos you are reminded of  as you read this passage. May God continue to validate within you the beliefs that lead to greater courage? Send any thoughts or ideas that may help apply today’s passage.

Jeremiah 27

What is the political situation now (See Kings 24:10-17)? Of what importance are the temple vessels (See 1 Kings 7:13-51)? What good news is stated at the end of this passage?

In this passage, Jeremiah offers insight to what needs to take place. Judah will need to surrender to Babylon. At times, we get in predicaments but it’s best to get over it and come back strong by trusting in God.

Every adversity provides a seed which when planted in the soul provides a life lesson that will grow and be made useful in facing future difficulties. Billy Graham was once quoted to say, “Believers look up – take courage. The angels are nearer than you think”. This passage has made me think about adversity I’ve faced in the past. My prayer after reading this passage is for strength in adversity and for life lessons that can provide a benefit for the future.

Jeremiah 28

What is Hananiah’s message? How does this message differ from Jeremiah’s? How do you judge what other people claim to have received from God?

God’s sure word guides in the right decisions. He encourages doing what’s best but gives each individual the freedom to choose if they will follow, believe, and obey. Here is a link to a video that I’m reminded of as I read today: Word of God Speak – Mercy Me. The video inspired me as I sought to spend this day with God and my hope is that it will inspire you.

There have been and always will be false prophets leading people astray. That’s why it’s so important to build a personal relationship with Christ. My prayer after this passage was for continued discipline in listening to God speak as I read the Bible, as the Holy Spirit speaks deep in my heart, and as lessons are learned in the experiences you and I go through in life.

Make notes of answers to the questions above or other thoughts or ideas these readings have inspired in you. I welcome any thoughts or ideas and you are free to enter a comment if you would like.


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