Jeremiah 29-31

Below are blocks of planned readings that have been studied this week:

Jeremiah 29 Passage Lookup

The question(s) below were used to help in the study:

What is Hananiah’s message? How does this message differ from
 Jeremiah’s? How do you judge what other people claim to have received from God?

List any videos you are reminded of as you read this passage. Here is a link to one for this reading. My hope is that you will be moved by this video and that it inspires you as you spend this day with God.

Before The Morning – Josh Wilson

This passage explains that when God’s hour comes, the Jews will be returned to their homeland. The lesson from this reading for me is to hold on and wait for God’s plan to come about. We all face some dark days but that’s when it’s important to have patience and hold on for a new day. Today, part of my prayer is to set my heart on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

Jeremiah 30 Passage Lookup

What images are used to depict the agony of the captivity? How can they find comfort and be restored to health? Which attributes of God revealed here have you experienced and found true in your individual and corporate life?

In reading this passage, we get a picture of God’s people being in a bad situation. How can they find comfort? I’m reminded of a point made in a sermon by my Pastor Steve Ramsdell. He said that during dark times in life, there are three things we can do to brighten up our days. Seek truth,  experience joy, and recognize wonder.

The Word from God can brighten a day; providing lessons for the  mind and food for the soul. These are two necessary elements in a healthy life that has less stress and has inner peace.

Within this passage is foretold the pardon of sins which can certainly brighten a day. We all receive this by accepting Christ as Savior. Today, I’m praying for a bright day; for ways to seek God’s truth, receiving joy deep down inside, and recognizing amazement around me that can be shared with others. I’m seeking to listen to God’s whisper in my soul and  praying that He speaks to my heart.

 Jeremiah 31 Passage Lookup

What emotional atmosphere is created with Jeremiah’s dream? How would the exiled Jews respond to a vision like this?

Billy Graham said once, “I’ve read the last page of the Bible. It’s going to turn out all right”. Embracing the certainty God gives in Christ paints in our mind a bright future; making available an appreciative atmosphere that is aiming high, is creative, and is open to new ways of doing everything better.

An atmosphere of optimism is created with this dream of Jeremiah’s within this reading today. The future of God’s people looks bright. They will change as the law is written by the finger of the Spirit on their hearts and they will return from captivity. I’m thankful today in prayer because the way from bondage to liberty is easy because I don’t have to carry the weight of who I’ve been. I’m forgiven and a treasure in the arms of Christ.

May God  continue to validate within you the beliefs that bring you to deeper faith? My prayer is that these readings above have helped in some way. If you would like  to share any thoughts or ideas, please add a comment.


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2 Responses to Jeremiah 29-31

  1. Use hope to transform the unbearable into the endurable. Hope is like a flash light to shine in the dark times of life until the occurrence of God’s promises result in brighter days.


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