Jeremiah 1-25

Jeremiah 1:1-10 Passage Lookup


Do you know what task God has in mind for you? How has he made it known? What are you doing about it today?



Think about what God wants from you. Ask in prayer for God to affirm the role you should play and the discipline to carry this role out with boldness.

Jeremiah 1:11-19 Passage Lookup


How is God going to change Jeremiah’s personality? What changes have you seen in yourself recently that have enabled you to better fulfill God’s desire for his kingdom?

May you be blessed by this video:

Voice of Truth – Casting Crowns


Think about the tasks God has in mind for you. Think about what you will need in order to accomplish these tasks. Bring these thoughts before God as you pray today and ask for God to help as you go out and get busy.

Jeremiah 2 Passage Lookup


What characteristics do you find in Israel that are common to human nature? Which are you determined to change? Why? How?

Food For Thought:

We must confront our wrong choices and choose God’s invitation, leadership, help, and forgiveness. – Points made in sermon from Pastor Steve Ramsdell 


Even though God had helped them in the past, Israel forgot what God had done and turned to useless idols. It is human nature to forget God when things are going good and want His help when things are going bad. Pray that as you go throughout your day that you will serve the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Allow God to be with you always.

Jeremiah 3:1 – 4:4 Passage Lookup


How has Judah’s sin affected her daily life? How do you know you will be faithful to God?

Food For Thought:

Things are really not as complicated as we make it out to be. Transformed living is about following, believing, and then obeying in that order. – Point made in sermon of Pastor Steve Ramsdell


In this passage, Israel and her sister Judah are unfaithful to God. The people love idols instead of God. Without God, they suffered and the future looked bleak. They needed a change of heart, to admit their mistakes, and ask for forgiveness. It’s the same for us as individuals in today’s world. Without God, we struggle and things just don’t work out. The good news for us is that Christ has made it easier to be faithful. Pray for your day. Be thankful for Christ our Savior who gives us a model to follow and the Holy Spirit to counsel.

Jeremiah 4:5-31 Passage Lookup


What will be the enemy’s effect on Jerusalem? Imagine you are one of the people in Jeremiah’s day. What are your concerns? What are your feelings as you listen or hear about his message?


Your Grace Is Enough – Matt Maher


No one should want to face a future without God. As stated in this passage, the enemy’s effect is devastating and it is best to inquire of the Lord for direction. God is there to help us make the changes needed and to take the proper steps. Because of Christ, we are with God. As you pray, be thankful for God’s Grace and that it is enough and it can overpower an entire army and lead us to victory.

Jeremiah 5 Passage Lookup


What is the theme that runs through this passage? How can you distinguish between true and false prophets today?


Rocky IV Hearts On Fire

Sometimes the desire to win pushes some to cheat to get ahead but what it all comes down to is working hard and doing things the right way. Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Vince Lombardi once said “Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price”. 


Reading about society during Jeremiah’s time makes one realize that our society has the same struggles today. Negative tendencies seem to infiltrate and lead in the wrong direction. In your prayer, ask that individuals see Christianity as the neutralizing force that helps individuals and a society as a whole to eliminate triggers to negative tendencies.

Jeremiah 6 Passage Lookup


What is Jeremiah’s role in this drama? How would you evaluate the situation in Judah during Jeremiah’s time? What parallels do you find with your own nation? What role do you have in your nation’s ultimate destruction or salvation?

Food For Thought:

Believe God has a purpose for your life. With a definite purpose, frustration is reduced, enthusiasm, concentration, and cooperation increases.  – From sermon of Steve Ramsdell 


In Jeremiah’s time, the situation in Judah was dire. The People had not listened to God and apart from Him, life was one big mess. Jeremiah’s role was to point out the need for God. Amazingly, societies struggle in this same area today. Think of what role you can play at school, work, or within your family to point out the importance of God; pray for open minds and hearts. Remember, you are a child of God with a purpose.

Jeremiah 7 – 8:4 Passage Lookup


What is Jeremiah’s warning? What in your practices and life style must be changed if you are to truly execute God’s plan for your life?

May you be blessed by the following video:

Lead Me To The Cross – Hillsong


Think of what it takes to be a better spouse, employee, or friend; live healthier. Pray for a few people you know. That they are reading God’s Word the Bible and go to church. Pray that they practice this over and over until it becomes a routine. Pray that any harmful life style will not have a chance because of their self discipline.

Jeremiah 8:4 – 9:1 Passage Lookup


How have the scribes deceived the people? Describe Jeremiah’s emotional reaction. What causes his conflict? Try to imagine how you would respond in Jeremiah’s position.

Food For Thought:

Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. – Robert H. Schuller


Animals and birds know what to do when the seasons change yet many times God’s people do not know what is required of them. Many do not understand that the principles found in the Bible will not let them down. Pray today that more of God’s people will use three tools that God has given for life; lessons from the Bible, the Holy Spirit speaking to them deep in their hearts, and experiences from their own life and the life of others.

Jeremiah 9 Passage Lookup


How does Jeremiah describe his countrymen? Compare this with the way God describes his people? What characteristics does God ascribe to himself?

Food For Thought:

Life may not always be the picture perfect one you had dreamed about but if you keep your attention on being used by God, reality may become beyond your wildest dreams. – Point from Steve Ramsdell sermon


God’s people had gone astray and they faced hard times. One lesson from this passage is that our focus should not be on what we can do but what God can do. Think about what to pray for today. Be thankful that in Christ alone, we are in right standing with God; the source of power and strength. That’s some good news we can always count on.

Jeremiah 10 Passage Lookup 


Contrast the nature of idols with the revealed nature of the Lord. In view of the worthlessness of idols, how do you account for Judah’s preference for them? To what extent are you responsible for God’s present feelings toward you?


Healing Rain – Michael W. Smith


The idols people worshiped in Jeremiah’s time were useless but God has the power to heal what’s wrong in life. By faith and prayer, take God with you wherever you go today. Ask God to direct your steps.

Jeremiah 11 Passage Lookup


What are the terms of God’s covenant with Judah? How has Judah kept this covenant? How do you know you are one of God’s people?

Food For Thought:

Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ. – Billy Graham 


God’s people broke the covenant delivered by Moses. They didn’t obey God and do their part. After reading and studying this passage, go to God in prayer. Ask God to help with your priorities today and with the discipline to do the right things in the right way.

Jeremiah 12 Passage Lookup


With what paradox does Jeremiah confront God? How would you answer why does the way of the wicked prosper? Does God’s answer satisfy you?


Light Up the Sky – The Afters


Jeremiah was frustrated because people that were not on God’s team sometimes prospered and those on God’s team didn’t. He felt it was unfair that the good people had to suffer because of the bad. I can see where Jeremiah is coming from but we can be thankful that God has the fuel of hope for all of us; given to us through Jesus who teaches how to break old habits and create ones that are good. After reading this passage today, pray for yourself, for your family, your boss, and co-workers. Pray that we can all learn what Jesus teaches us. Pray that we can all light up the sky for those around us.

Jeremiah 13 Passage Lookup


What does the waistcloth symbolize? What seemed to be small transgressions would become bad habits that added up over time and would cause defeat for God’s people. What bad habits can you start to reverse to help lead you to becoming all that God wants you to be?

Food For Thought:

Spiritual growth requires some effort. It’s like training for anything physical like for the iron man or marathon. You can’t just sit around and do nothing and think you will be successful. – Point from sermon of Pastor Wayne Williams


The people during Jeremiah’s time wanted an easy fix to their problems but it takes some effort to break bad habits and create good ones. A good start to reversing bad habits is to pray that God will provide you with someone that has already gone through what you are going through to help in the transformation.

Jeremiah 14 Passage Lookup 


Imagine Jeremiah’s feelings as he intercedes for his people. Whom does Jeremiah blame for the people’s waywardness? What is God’s reply? To what extent do you intercede for your nation?

May you be blessed with the following video:

Hold My Heart – Tenth Avenue North


Think of someone that needs prayer today. It may be a family member, someone you know at work, a friend or even a difficult problem you and your family are going through. Go to God in prayer and believe He can give what is needed.

Jeremiah 15 Passage Lookup


What is God’s response to Jeremiah’s plea? How does Jeremiah view his place in society? Why?  What promise does God give Jeremiah (Verse 12)


One message that can be taken from today’s passage is to be faithful to God even in troubled times. Pray for the initiative to act when called. Invite people into God’s family. Be faithful and trust God to provide what is needed as you make the climb to a higher calling.

Jeremiah 16 Passage Lookup


What does God tell Jeremiah to say to the people of Judah who demand a reason for their trouble? How do you know God’s power and might?

Please be blessed by the video below:

There Will Be a Day – Jeremy Camp


The people of Judah will demand a reason for their hardship. God told Jeremiah to say they are paying for the sins of past generations. The lesson for us is to forget about the past and set our hearts on things above. In your prayer, be thankful that Christ is seated at the right hand of God and a dark past can be made increasingly brighter.

Jeremiah 17 Passage Lookup


What is it like to trust in man? What it is like to trust in the Lord?

Please be blessed by the following message from a sermon:

The sunrise, sunset, flowers, lightning storm, rainbow, mountains, meadows, and seas. These things of God reward our lives and we reward God by praising him. We were created to worship Him. – Pastor Wayne Williams, First United Methodist Church Waco TX


The book of Jeremiah is about the dark days in the kingdom of Judah. The people put their trust in idols rather than God. Some late night, go out and look at the stars. Take a look up there and realize that many are light years away. God designed them. Reward Him by praising Him. Be thankful that the one who designed the universe is designing your life plan to reward you for today and for tomorrow.

Jeremiah 18 Passage Lookup 


Compare the relationship between a potter and his clay with God and his people. What is Jeremiah’s reaction to his enemies’ attempt to secure treasonable evidence against him?

Food For Thought:

God’s angels often protect his servants from potential enemies. – Billy Graham


God can mold us like a potter molds clay if we take time to pray and seek His plan. Continue to be strong in the Lord, pray for His direction today, and believe His hand will help. The result will be good for today and tomorrow.

Jeremiah 19 Passage Lookup


Contrast the acting out of this parable with the actions of 18:1-11. What is the significant difference for the people this time? To what extent do you deliver God’s message in religious circles which have forsaken God? Why?


The Skit Guys – Heart Department 


The clay jar is broken to pieces in this passage. Jeremiah explains that desolation and famine will occur because the people worshiped Idols. Be thankful that we don’t worship dead objects like idols but a living God that constantly feeds our soul with food needed for life. Pray and be thankful for every breath He gives. Be thankful that the one who created everything will be with us to the end.

Jeremiah 20 Passage Lookup


In what areas and ways does Jeremiah feel and express his tension? To what extent can you identify with Jeremiah’s position? What have you done?

Food for Thought:

The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it’s a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free. – Charles Swindoll


Jeremiah told the truth even when it caused harm to himself.  At times, we have to be honest and report bad news in a tactful way. Be thankful in your prayer that the good news of God is always about a victory we can share with enthusiasm.

Jeremiah 21 Passage Lookup


To what extent are the religious leaders responsible for the social injustice as well as the moral degradation in the land? What is your understanding of the justice God requires? What is the main thought expressed in today’s scripture reading?

Receive inspiration from this 5 minute video:

My Savior My God – Aaron Shust

Here are some thoughts and ideas on how to apply today’s passage:  

The king of Judah sent for Jeremiah to inquire of the Lord. Many times, it is only when people have run out of options that they turn to God. Make God your number one option. Go to Him in prayer to find out the game plan for today. In your own words, write out the main message you received from today’s reading.

Jeremiah 22 Passage Lookup

Read and use the question(s) below to help contemplate today’s message:

What are the consequences of obedience? Of disobedience? What about your life reveals that you know God?

Receive inspiration from the idea below brought out in a sermon:

Michael Angelo’s David statue was made out of a piece of flawed marble. Like the flawed marble, we may have some flaws but with the fellowship of believers, God can make us into a polished masterpiece. – Wayne Williams, Pastor at First United Methodist Waco Texas

Here are some thoughts and ideas on how to apply today’s passage:  

One lesson from this passage is that the consequences of obedience are progress and joy but disobedience leads to failure. We may fall at times but there is power to change through Christ. Be led to the cross and follow the plan God has laid out through Christ. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and grow to be more and more like Christ; progressing and gaining joy through obedience. Pray for patience and discipline as you follow God’s clear path.

Jeremiah 23 Passage Lookup

Read and make use of the question(s) below as you study today’s reading:

Who are the shepherds that have led the flock astray? Compare and contrast the association of religion and politics in Jeremiah’s time and today.

Food for Thought:

If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. – Yogi Berra

Here are some thoughts and ideas that may help you apply today’s passage:  

In this reading, we find that the shepherds have been leading the people astray. When we read Gods word, we can discern what we need to do. Pray for the information you need today to make wise decisions. Be thankful that because of Jesus, we know where we are going and this brings rest and peace.

Jeremiah 24 Passage Lookup

Make use of the question(s) below as you study today’s reading:

What vision does Jeremiah have? How do you know God is the Lord? What is your response to him?

Receive inspiration from this picture:

Make notes of answers to the questions above or other thoughts you can apply in life. Here is an example of a few of my thoughts and ideas:  

God gave Jeremiah a vision of two baskets of figs. One basket was good and the other was bad. The good basket represented God’s people. Each day, we should pray to be a part of the good by asking to have a heart that knows God. We should read God’s instruction manual and integrate our faith with our lifestyle. We should pray for a relationship with Jesus which is very adventurous. We should lighten our load with prayer so we can soar high like an eagle.

About Mark Shields

Mark volunteers as a member of the media ministry team at his church. A few years ago, he started an on-line Bible study guide called “This Day with God Devotional”. He uses this as a tool in his journey through the Bible. We live in a very busy world with busy schedules so this tool has helped him continue with daily Bible reading and study. Each of the studies are designed to help apply our faith in the work place, at school, or at home. Join him on this journey or check in every so often to read his thoughts.
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14 Responses to Jeremiah 1-25

  1. God made you for a reason. The one who formed you knows that you have what it takes to fulfill your tasks so set out with confidence because He will give you the necessary skills and directions.

  2. It only takes one positive in your life to overpower an entire army of negatives. With this one positive, you will not only survive but thrive. That one positive is that God’s grace is enough.

  3. God made us for a purpose & has a life plan for each of us. We mus see oourself as God sees us and build goals together for His purpose. Because of us, positive change takes place in our city, state, & our nation.

  4. The principles found in the Bible will not let you down. Just fill your mind with the good news from the Gospel and be set free; then follow, believe, and obey.

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  6. Put first things first, work hard, and carry out God’s plan with discipline. Continue to give effort and struggle to grow to be more and more like Christ. At the end of it all, you’ll be a champion.

  7. Hope for the best for others; your spouse, your child, your supervisor, co-worker, or those you supervise. If good things are happening to those around you, good things will happen to you.

  8. One life at a time, one voice at a time interceding for deliverance from a difficult problem gives hope that lights a path to a brighter future.

  9. In golf, there is what is called a mulligan shot. That’s what God gives in a new life with Christ. A second shot to get things right in the present and for future generations.

  10. A person of integrity stands for the truth; is a person of principle, of character, who takes a stand on important tough issues, and someone who sets their mind on what is right or fair.

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  12. Win the biggest battles in life by not letting anything get in the way of your enthusiasm for planning to win, preparing to win, and expecting to win because of Jesus Christ on your team.

  13. Like a flawed piece of marble being polished and worked into a masterpiece, we sometimes need continuous effort and struggle to polish out flaws before progressing in life.

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