Philemon 1

Passage Lookup   Question(s):

To what extent are you willing to forgive and receive someone that has wronged you? Do you ask other people to refresh you in Christ? Why? 

Food For Thought:

It’s not always easy. Some days are tough and it is a blessing to have other Christians to refresh us in Christ. A way to help us never give up and stay focused on the true reward. My hope is that this video will refresh your soul as it did mine.


Paul writes this letter in 61 A.D. while imprisoned in Rome. He sends this letter to his friend Philemon. Paul intercedes for Onesimus who was the slave of Philemon but ran away. Paul wants Philemon to accept Onesimus back not as a slave but a dutiful servant and fellow Christian. In a prayer today, pray for the people around you. If those around you are blessed, you will be blessed. You want to build up and encourage others because they are a part of your team. Pray for people you work with, family members, those you buy products from, those that work on your vehicle or repair household appliances.

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