This Week’s Devotional


Throughout the Bible we see that when God was with people, life was good. When they were separated, life was one big unexpected and demoralizing failure. When Isaiah 31-33 was written, the people of Israel relied on Egypt who was a powerful and wealthy nation for help instead of God. Unlike money and power which gives short term security, God has far greater resources. He knows about the future, can put us in a position to succeed, and provides exactly what we need for long term excellence. Think of how God has greater wisdom and strength than any person, group, or nation. In your prayers be thankful and ask for help in making wise choices, working hard, and doing your best.


The people of Israel wanted peace, quiet, and the opportunity to flourish but they went to the wrong place. Instead of going to God, they went to Egypt for help. Loving God more than anything else was the best way back then and continues to be what people need. Take a look at this video: More by Matthew West. The blueprint to building a better you, community, or nation; getting hearts in the right place for ultimate achievement is the resources available in the gospel.


Our desire should be that everyone has a chance to flourish and prosper. Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur and motivational speaker once said, “It is the set of sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go”.  As we set sail on each new day, we should begin by opening God’s word. Like a ship’s mast catching the power of wind, use God’s principles to catch energy from His Spirit.  Pray that God is your captain as you set sail for your future destinations.


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