This Week’s Devotional


As I resumed my journey through Isaiah this week, the evidences of the Bible’s truth continues to increase as one prophecy after another is fulfilled. In reading Isaiah 34-37, God’s anger devastates but His love in sending Christ has brought His people back. Today, we have the opportunity to look back and see the passion. We can be thankful for Christ and the church, have more desire to honor God, be a blessing, and give our all. 


Christ has given believers a plain and straight path to victory. The plan of God has been set in motion and the powers of darkness have been defeated. Believers can take on challenges, step out of the comfort zone, and give God the glory. As presented in last week’s sermon by Steve Ramsdell at First United Methodist Church Waco, we should be confident and willing to take on the challenge if God calls.  


Sometimes we face tough opponents in life and that’s why we need to encourage one another as we journey through life. Our faith might be tested as it was with King Hezekiah in Isaiah 36. Building faith doesn’t come out of nowhere but requires work and dedication. Keeping faith is a result of diving into God’s word, prayer, and paying attention to God’s power instead of problems. There’s a song called “Dive” by Steven Curtis Chapman that inspires one to have enough faith to dive deep where there may be risk but also glory. In your prayers, ask for the type of faith needed to dive into the deep end; the type of faith that will withstand the true battles that life may bring.


  Thanks for letting me share.



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