This Week’s Devotional


Many of us may have started to plan for vacations this summer. We all need some time to get away for a while. Each week as I write these devotionals, I try to find a photo of the week that helps to crystallize a bible verse. I guess in a way, this is like taking little vacations so my mind can get away for a while, get recharged, and ready to go. God wants us to be content and at peace and that’s what I get from reading Isaiah 26. God’s desire is that we are happy, healthy, and successful. He wants us to be on the right track, to have the right frame of mind, to feel good, and do amazing things. All days don’t go as we plan but we can always be looking forward to our tomorrows. Each day is a new day and each day can be better than yesterday.


In one sermon a while back, Pastor Steve at FUMC Waco said that we should desire to go the distance by running the right way, the hard way, the team way, and the victorious way. This principle is also explained in Isaiah 27. The church and its people are compared to a vineyard which produces the best wine. Like a vineyard which needs to be cultivated, a person must be cultivated. They must desire to be taught the gospel. They must be dedicated, have a desire to gather at worship, and walk by faith. Take inspiration from this video My Desire by Jeremy Camp, pray for God’s people, and care about His church. Think of ways you can be a part of creating a desire in all people to be a part of this winning way of life.


Isaiah 28 explains the winning way of life. The Word became flesh to teach and help us understand the best way to live. Jesus explained about the advantage of the Spirit which flows from God, fills all, and sets the elements of God’s principles to work. We can read words line by line in a book but we can also read and learn about how to live by observing how Jesus lived and how people that follow Him live. Pray today for lessons you can learn by watching Jesus at work in the lives of the people you know.


We live in a big universe and God is big enough to handle big dreams. Did you know that the sun travels one hundred fifty miles per second as it rotates around the galaxy yet it takes millions of years for it to go all the way around? Did you know there are over one hundred billion galaxies with each galaxy having billions of stars? If we ask God to open doors, we have to believe He’s big enough to open them. Charles R. Swindoll said this one time” The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it’s a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free.” The information found in the gospel will definitely set us free.


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