This Week’s Devotional


There was a powerful business center called Tyre. It was a prosperous and powerful business center but prosperity and power have a way of making enemies and that’s the lesson for me in reading Isaiah 23. Isaiah is foretelling how Tyre would be an example of a city whose leaders didn’t use its resources properly. The lesson can be applied to our daily living today because we should pray and listen for ideas on how to be a good steward of the resources we have. One limited resource in which we all have is time. Somehow we have to balance the different areas of life like faith, family, and work with a limited amount of time.  


In today’s busy world, this balancing act can be a challenge. It’s not easy and at times it may seem impossible. One reason I think so many people enjoy sports is because of the time limit. In football, teams have a certain amount of time to win. In baseball or softball, they have a certain number of innings. In either case, it’s the end of the game that becomes interesting. Also in sports, we get to see amazing plays being made. We learn that difficult situations provide the opportunity to defy the odds and accomplish tasks in unique or different ways; making what was thought to be impossible, possible! Take a look at this video: Amazing Play.


Many worldly things can make us happy but the lesson of Isaiah 25 for me is that nothing you ever do can give more joy and reward than our faith because it is useful and important forever. It should trump our job, a new car, or our favorite sports team winning. In your prayers, be thankful for the victory in Christ. Ask for ideas on how to tell others about this joy and reward you have found.



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