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Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Leaders motivate In different ways Some never work But one is okay. The fear of demotion Or plan of retirement Are not as effective As empowerment. Internalized Inspiration Being sustained With affirmation. Built up for…

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This Day with God Planning

This Day with God planning is all about using your time wisely so that your activities produce the greatest benefit to you and your loved ones. Within the post Meaningful Planning is a spreadsheet called Power Over Time with a … Continue reading

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Meaningful Planning

No greater purpose in life is as important as God’s plan for us all. His plan is magnificent in wisdom and it is His purpose that prevails. As recorded in Proverbs 16:3, commit to the Lord whatever you do, and … Continue reading

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Mission Focused

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
With each new step You prayerfully chose, Good plans are written And confidence grows. For plans not accomplished, Adjustments can be made, Attitudes changed, And new ones weighed. To finish a quest You have desired,…

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Inspiration to Step Ahead

Image Source We are entering our last week of the first month of the New Year. For many, the resolutions for the New Year begin to fade. The mission we set out for as we began the New Year seems … Continue reading

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