Spiritual Summits

This day with God, I’m reminded of the following thought from a sermon: Climbing higher in scaling the spiritual summits requires prayer. By praying in the name of Jesus, we can pray with confidence as a child of God because the Spirit can be counted on during defining moments of the climb. – Rev. Steve Ramsdell

With Jesus, there is power for forgiveness and with forgiveness, there is the opportunity to receive the goodness of God. Reading today the song of praise in Psalm 65, the goodness of God brings rain showers to prepare the land for the harvest.

A person’s praise of God is based on the wonders of His creation. The seas, the land, and the mountains which are worthy of praise. The crops of the land that are nourished with rain. Our praise to the Lord are words that spark our actions towards attainment of great feats for His glory. Each step of the way, momentum is gained until ultimate accomplishment.

God’s been involved in the world in the past to set in motion amazing beginnings for the future. Think of how Jesus fulfilled His purpose on the Cross and how in one cataclysmic moment, there became a better Way to our future. We can take in the seeds of God’s Word. Sow these seeds, cultivate, and as these seeds grow into fruit, share with others so they can participate in the harvest.

Reflect on the past, hope for the future, and praise the Lord in song with gratefulness. Words of worship and praise affirms a future in which we climb higher towards God’s plan for us. Then we gain confidence each day towards reaching our spiritual summit.

We pray today Lord that our hearts, our minds, and our actions are aligned. We set out to collect the powerful insight gained in Your Word. We discover insight each day and like seeds, we generously spread this insight so others can grow in Your Word too. Our daily worship and praise affirms our future actions and this formulates hope which we hold onto as we climb higher each day towards the summit.  In Jesus name … Amen.

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