Scary Situations

When we were younger, we had no fear. We had the courage to do anything but some things we did may not have been so smart. When we reach a certain age, it’s like being a kid again but with better judgment. We may be over the hill, but that’s when we can start to pick up speed.

We not only can pick up speed, but we have the experience to do the right things because we have better judgment. We have gained experience and know what challenges to take on. There may be times when it seems the challenges are too big but that’s when we need to have confidence that God is bigger, take courage by believing God’s angels are near, and take the challenges on even if they are scary.

Reading today in Psalm 54, David is facing a scary situation as he was running from Saul. He hid in caves, in the forest, or wherever he could since Saul and his men were in pursuit to kill him. 

David pleads to God for safety. He describes God as being mighty and faithful … a helper, sustainer, and deliverer. He anticipates that God will provide help during his trouble and will deliver him from his enemies.

There is an enemy that doesn’t want us to succeed. Sometimes, it’s the circumstances Satan puts us in that hampers success that creates stress, sadness, fear, doubt, and struggle. Think about those times of trouble you have faced in the past but was able to escape to freedom. Then offer a prayer of thanksgiving.

We offer this prayer of thanksgiving. At times we have been filled with hopelessness, but You have brought us through. We have gained experience over the years to know how to take on the challenges. We have better judgment and boldly step ahead knowing You can get us through any trouble faced. We are a courageous hero of our faith because we have invited You into the storms we face.  Our enemy whispers fear in our ear but we know it is a lie and boldly step ahead because we know the Way taught by Jesus. Amen.

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2 Responses to Scary Situations

  1. Amen! David shows us the way. This is it: “Our enemy whispers fear in our ear but we know it is a lie and boldly step ahead because we know the Way taught by Jesus.”


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