What Matters Most

The photo was taken back in the mid 1980’s when a friend of mine from my hometown and I went on a trip to Europe. We had recently graduated from college and decided to travel before we got too busy in our careers. Taken from high up on a mountain, the city below is Lucerne Switzerland which sits amid snowcapped mountains on Lake Lucerne.

Much of our life is directed by the low standards of this world rather than God’s higher standard. Success is defined by lofty incomes, nice cars, or an expensive house instead of vast spiritual assets like faith, hope, and love!

The challenge is to keep focused on what matters most which is to follow His Way. Then to be used to reveal the Way to others. As we read today in Psalm 53, the thought for me is on priorities. The world wants to mold us by using TV, social media, advertisements, and worldly pleasures.

This day, let us put our attention on the things of God so we are prepared for the world. If we pay too much attention to the world, we become stressed or confused so let us be wise by seeking God. By understanding His Way and being successful at applying our faith.

This day with You Lord, help us to stay on pace to finish this race as we receive Your grace. Along the journey Lord, we want to keep our attention on Your Way. We pray today for our attention to be undivided to the path provided. The world will distract but with You our thoughts are intact. Worldly pleasures will fade away, but the Word remains forever to give us true pleasure. Amen!

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2 Responses to What Matters Most

  1. Thanks for the great insight. The things of this world are distracting. This is it: “This day, let us put our attention on the things of God so we are prepared for the world.”


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