Illuminate the Path

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This day with God will be amazing because like growing a garden, we will cultivate lessons from God in our heart and food for the soul will be produced for ourselves and those close to us. Today, we are reading 2 Samuel 23.

According to David, a just ruler leads in the fear of God like the brilliance of the sun on a cloudless morning and like a clear day after the rain (v. 3-4). Showing the way clearly as he illuminates the path so those that follow step ahead each day as they grow towards a brighter future.

This day with God, let us desire to lead justly and in fear of God. Let us talk or write about the people that touch us and make us a better person. About the experiences we go through that honor God. For these are devotionals that are powerful and useful to others as they step ahead in victory.

From David we learn about his sense of what belongs to God. He believed that all the victories were because of God with the help of people God placed around him. At the end of this passage, we are given a list of David’s mighty warriors as all the conquests are reviewed. He gives credit to these mighty warriors and gives all the glory to God.

Lord, we seek you daily and trust You as You direct our steps along the path. We need Your help for blessings into the future. Thanks for the recorded life of David who gave credit to You and the mighty warriors for the victories. May we illuminate the path and like David, lead like the brilliance of the sun on a cloudless morning.

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2 Responses to Illuminate the Path

  1. Amen brother. Indeed “This day with God, let us desire to lead justly and in fear of God. ”



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