The Textbook To The Course

We continue to participate in the school of wisdom by using the Bible as the textbook to the course. Today, we are in 2 Samuel 20.

This day with God, the victory is in our grasp if we keep going when things get difficult, listen for guidance, and follow directions to solve issues that come up. There is a rebellious heart in all, but it can be changed by grace so let us always be reminded of God’s plan for us and take each opportunity to move into action as we apply our faith.

We know from our past study that there was a rivalry between Israel and Judah which complicated things for David. In today’s passage, we read about a troublemaker named Sheba who took advantage of this disunity. The men of Israel were lacking in discernment and let Sheba convince them to desert David and follow him.

Amasa was told by David to get together the men of Judah quickly and organize the army but Amasa dragged his feet. So David sent his commander named Joab along with some men out to pursue Sheba. Joab met up with Amasa and killed him for his lack of urgency to the matter at hand.

Joab and the men in pursuit of Sheba came to the city named Abel Beth Maakah. They were trying to tear down the wall of the city when a wise woman spoke to Joab to find out why they wanted to take siege of the city. Once she found out that Joab wanted Sheba dead, she had information to formulate a plan to kill Sheba (v. 21). This satisfied Joab and they dispersed from the city since David’s kingship was no longer in danger.

Like the wise woman, Let us seek always to be people that are willing to ask questions and find practical solutions to the issues we face.

This day with You Lord, help us to spot opportunities and take action quickly. You have given us the plan, but it is up to us to notice the urgency to carry this plan out. There are wise people we can get help from. As we walk with the wise today, we have confidence that each step will be in the direction towards a brighter future. Amen.

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2 Responses to The Textbook To The Course

  1. Excellent brother. “Let us seek always to be people that are willing to ask questions and find practical solutions to the issues we face.”

    Blessings for a stunning day in paradise.

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