Digging Out of the Hole

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In the previous passage, we noted the bad decisions of David. One thing led to another and then to cover for his sin, David committed more sin. Bad decisions of the past can put us in a hole for the future but God has a way to pull us out of that hole. Jesus has sent us a rope to pull us out of the hole. If we just stop digging deeper, we can begin to gain confidence for a brighter future.

The Lord initiates action by sending out people to help. Reading today in 2 Samuel 12, the Lord sends Nathan to explain how He feels about David’s actions. Nathan tells a story of a rich man who takes a lamb away from a poor man as food for a guest. He explains to David that he is the rich man in the story.

Because David set up the situation for Uriah to be killed in war and took his wife Bathsheba to be his own, God would bring calamity on David’s life. His son from Bathsheba would die of sickness. David says this in verse 23, “Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” During the difficult times of losing a loved one, David’s attitude was to keep in mind that someday he would be able to see him again in heaven.

We live in a broken world that knocks us down to the ground but faithfulness brings recovery and hope. We should faithfully pray and trust in God that things will become forever better because we have access to more power than we could ever imagine. We can be pulled up out of the hole to experience new highs in life.

God’s in charge and during difficult times, it is up to us to simply stop digging the hole deeper, decide what we can do to pull ourselves out, and start doing what we can by trusting God who will take care of the rest. Let us live in the moment and be pulled up by the plan He has for us.

We live in a broken world that puts us in a hole. There is inflation, there are health issues that set us back, and other difficulties faced but we can reach out for help and be pulled to new heights. Jesus has taken it all on himself. His sacrifice on the cross fulfills the plan so in His holy name we pray … Amen.

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  1. Thanks for the morning encouragement. Love this: “We live in a broken world that knocks us down to the ground, but faithfulness brings recovery and hope.”

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