Keeping the Mind on the Tasks at Hand

Building a tall sky scrapper takes time but like in life, little things become big things and lead to the amazing with Gods help. Day by day, take a look at your daily routine. Are there little things you could tweak or fine-tune? Is there a purpose you have that keeps your mind on the tasks at hand?

We learn more about having a purpose and the discipline needed from verse 1 of 2 Samuel 11. It implies that David has lost his sense of purpose for his nation and is not in his place of responsibility. Instead of going off to war like other kings in spring, he stayed at home. Boredom set in and David lost his focus.

His attention turned to a beautiful woman he saw from the top of the palace as she was bathing down below. One thing led to another and before long, Bathsheba was in his bedroom. Aimlessness leads to lack of discipline; appealing to harmful desires that encourage wrongdoing and more unlawful activity to cover it up.

When Bathsheba sent word to David that she was pregnant, David developed a scheme to hide his wrongdoing by getting his military leader to tell Bathsheba’s husband named Uriah to come home from war. His hope was that Uriah and Bathsheba would sleep together so the assumption would be that it was Uriah’s child Bathsheba had conceived.

The scheme didn’t work out because Uriah felt guilty about being home from war while the other soldiers were living in harsh conditions fighting the war so he didn’t spend time with Bathsheba. David developed another plan. This time, he would get Joab to put Uriah back on the battlefield. This time, out in front where the fighting was fiercest so he would be killed (v. 15).

Joab followed David’s instructions so he was complicit in the scheme to kill Uriah. In this world of sin, one can easily get wrapped up in wrongdoing or help cover up the sins someone else has committed. This is when situations cause unethical activity among individuals and organizations.  

What are some ideas to overcome the temptations we face in this sinful world? Some ideas may include meditating on Scripture, learning the Word of God and then applying what is learned. Also, fleeing the temptation with discipline. Having a purpose in life helps with discipline; appealing to positive desires that lead to uprightness and order.

God … we live in a broken world with addiction, debt, and corruption but day by day, little adjustments make a big difference. Give us a purpose and the discipline to carry out that purpose. We can endure distress knowing that You will ultimately bless as we grow in faith and help others grow in their faith. Amen.

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3 Responses to Keeping the Mind on the Tasks at Hand

  1. Excellent brother. This is it:”Having a purpose in life helps with discipline; appealing to positive desires that lead to uprightness and order.”


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  3. ladysheepdog says:

    Rocking the boat here – Every time I read or hear this story, Uriah has come out looking like a crappy husband to me. Just maybe that wasn’t the first time he didn’t put his wife in the priority she deserved? She did have the status as his wife. His excuse for not “hanging out” with his wife was a bunch of garbage. I don’t know what choices she had to avoid the situation she got into, so I don’t know how much she is to blame for the pregnancy. But, I don’t see Uriah as a complete innocent bystander either. Did he deserve to die for possibly being a crappy husband, no. What choices did he have that would have protected his wife from being faced with and falling into adultery?

    I have questions that the passage doesn’t answer. Others thoughts are welcomed. Thanks.


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