Kindness Replicated

Like a single wild flower in a field, over the years the seeds produce many flowers just like one act of kindness replicates in God’s people to produce a community of faith. What you make happen for others will be given back to you so give a smile and a smile will be given back. Act kind and receive kindness from others.

In reading 2 Samuel 9, we are given an example. David is motivated to show God’s kindness to Mephibosheth who was the son of Jonathan. Remembering from our past reading, Jonathan was the son of Saul who was a very good friend of David.

David gave Mephibosheth who was lame in both feet, everything that belonged to his grandfather Saul and his family (v. 9). David then told Saul’s steward to farm the land for Mephibosheth and bring in the crops so he would be provided for. Also, David said Mephibosheth would always eat at his table (v. 10).

Let us take this lesson of kindness and apply it in our world today. Like the advice of an old cowboy, “Words that soak into your years are whispered, not yelled”. Before long, these whispers become louder because they are passed from one person to the other.

Think of ways to pass on kindness to others. It may be supporting a friend that is down, helping a neighbor in need, or sharing with others about God’s Son. This will encourage one person to share with another and before long, a community and world is impacted in a positive way.

This day with You Lord, we can make an impact by one act of kindness. There will be those who receive and more will begin to believe because of the kind-hearted nature of Your followers. Multiply our acts of kindness so that over the years, the weeds of evil are overcome with the beauty of Your mercy and the kindness of Your people. Amen.

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6 Responses to Kindness Replicated

  1. Thanks for the great encouragement to kind this morning. “Think of ways to pass on kindness to others.” This is so important!



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  4. Pure Glory says:

    When we show kindness to others, as simple as a smile, or listening to one, the kindness multiples. Thanks for the reminder.


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