Strength for the Challenge

This day with God, we can wake up to the fact that there is an amazing life available now and for eternity. We may have concerns, doubts or worries but we can be assured that we will receive strength for the challenge. Because of this confidence, we can live out this day with boldness and courage.

Today in 2 Samuel 5, we are rekindling and renewing our strength with nourishment from God’s Word. We read today that the tribes of Israel anointed David as king of Israel. They were his own flesh and blood and David had led them on their military campaigns in the past. We read today that Jerusalem was like a fortress. It was a stronghold for the Jebusites but David eventually conquered it.  

David’s greatness came from the fact that he relied on God’s power and did as God instructed. David understood that God controlled the future and could give the proper direction. As David applied his faith in God, he provided leadership for the good of his people.

What do you call a pencil that has two erasers? Pointless.1 So is faith without works but today we are building up our faith so that it is meaningful by receiving a lesson from God’s Word. The lesson today is that our strength comes from God and we should apply our faith by following the lessons learned.

This day with You God, our faith is rekindled and renewed with more strength to take on the challenges before us. You believe in us so we pray that we receive this confidence and apply our faith to accomplish more than we could ever imagine in Jesus name … Amen.

*Jokes for days. (2021). Funny Editor – Jokes for Days.

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2 Responses to Strength for the Challenge

  1. Thanks for the great morning insight.

    “The lesson today is that our strength comes from God and we should apply our faith by following the lessons learned.” Amen and amen!


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