Glorious Morn

A glorious morn is dawning so let us prepare our hearts and minds to collect knowledge from God’s word. His grace keeps flowing so we can go to Him in prayer at any time or any place. We can ask in prayer that good thoughts are absorbed internally and naturally flow outward as activities that benefit our life at work and home. We can get direction about life from Holy Spirit as we pray for how we live it!

The first step towards living today is to focus on the praise found in Psalm 48. How God protects His people and will guide them to victory. The psalmist requested that the people have faith in God and worship Him. To tell others the Good News so the next generation knows about how God has delivered them from defeat in the past and will bring victories in the future.

The great city of Jerusalem was not like other cities. An enemy could only approach the city from the north since it was protected in the other directions from deep valleys. It was built like a fortress with towering walls surrounding the city but its greatest protector was God.

This day with God, let us convey to those around us about God’s Plan For Us. God has great things planned so let us each take responsibility for having the right priorities, good values, and character traits in order to be protected from defeat and guided to victory. Let us have faith in His word, hope in His church, and accept His love for us through Christ.

This day with You Lord, we have faith in Your plan for us. Help us to see the need to collect knowledge from Your word but also apply this knowledge in how we live. Then produce fruit by not only learning but sharing our knowledge with others and inviting them to follow. To do what we say and give an example for others to following the Way. Amen.

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