The Place of Grace

Over a high vista
As we look out.
The beauty of Creation
Makes us shout.

In reading Psalm 47, God is shown to be king over all the earth. Can you imagine God as king over all the nations? Beyond that, think about a world in which He reigns in each individual’s heart as their gifts are used for His glory. If each individual would respond to God by using their gifts and applying their faith, the nations under Him would have a bright future because they would be going the way that leads to success.

The nations under God would be protected, prosperous, and would be provided for not only in the current generation but in future generations too. The Holy Spirit would guide and all decisions would be easy. The people would worship the ONE true God and the world would be a peaceful place. A place in which grace is the currency of the kingdom. Where the flow of grace from the Lord Jesus Christ is rewarding each individual with riches beyond what can be imagined.

That place of grace is within reach for all and to celebrate the victory that Christ brings, there are songs of praise that can keep the momentum going. If you can think of a song of praise, respond in the comments below so that many are blessed.

In this world, there are places that we don’t want to go. Many in this world have been to the valley of death where there are drugs, alcohol, pain, and much despair. This day with You Lord, we praise You for the place of grace in which we are rewarded beyond our imagination. We are reminded of the victory Christ brings to this new kingdom and because grace is the currency of this new place, we have momentum for many more victories down the road as we step ahead in faith. Amen.

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6 Responses to The Place of Grace

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  2. Mark Shields says:

    Shout To The Lord by Michael W. Smith


  3. Mark Shields says:

    I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe


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  5. Yes, we can not remain silent, when we see the greatness of our God, displayed in his beautiful creation…. The whole creation sings praises to our God…. Shall we remain silent?


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